Sunday, October 31, 2010

Florida Follies

ME! It's All About ME!

Great article in the St. Pete Times today: A Wild Ride Nobody Envisioned Adam C, Smith, Times Political Editor spreads everything out on the table for us. The Crist Domino Theory. This is the "elephant in the room" for those of us who were brought up in the era where three things were never to be discussed: Sex, Religion and Politics. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and had much to say about what Crist is up to - starting with his 2008 wedding. Hmm, I thought. Charlie's getting married. What's that all about? He's up to something. Oh, wait, he's being considered for the VP Candidate.

The wedding invitations might as well have read: For purposes of my political career I am happy to announce the picture book wedding of myself, the future President hopeful, and .... what IS her name, anyway? I've only seen pictures of her with Charlie twice - the wedding picture and then an article about how she's rarely seen with him in public, dodges important events, spends much of her time elsewhere.

I was very disappointed to hear Crist's announcement that he'd be skipping out on his second, and shoe-in term for Governor to run for the US Senate. He said it was all for us. Pffft! It's all for Charlie. Charlie's all about Charlie. Stepping Stone in Charlie's shoe size Charlie. Period. Charlie's on the move. Can you spell P R E S I D E N T. That's his goal. Not the good of Florida.

Let's do the math: Respectability of a (choreographed and well timed) marriage (of convenience); check + run for Senate; check = Presidential Candidate; CHECK. Charlie must have known what would follow in his wake. He did know, didn't he? If Charlie was the least bit concerned about Florida he'd have stayed put. Offered stability. Offered to stick with us for another term while we get our economy and 60,00 other problems back on track.

Anyway, his senate run is probably a moot point. Things aren't going so well. Thank goodness. Charlie's ditched his party, most of his promises, changed his mind on a zillion issues. It's all about what works best for Charlie. A word to Meeks: Stay right where you are. Don't quit the race. Things may look a bit dim now, but the lights are going to go out completely if you leave the race and hand votes over to Chuck. Besides, you never know how many of your votes are going to drag their sorry asses out of bed in the AM and put the check by your name.

The thing that really burns me up is what Carlie's left in his wake: Namely Rick Scott. He's the former CEO of a company that was fined 1.7 BILLION dollars for Medicare fraud. His company lined their pockets with our money. He took the fifth. That's all you have to know about Rick Scott. That's enough.

He's running for Governor because he is rich enough to buy himself a $73,000,000 campaign. Like buying a yacht. A second mansion. A new polo horse. Things we don't even dream of buying for ourselves. Our unemployment checks don't stretch quite that far. And why is he running neck and neck with Alex Zink? Because Charlie, with his eye on Charlie, bailed his office, his party and the entire state of Florida. The spot was open. Rick's not in jail. Rick has the bucks to play Let's Run For Governor.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unsent Letters - Dear Charlie Crist

Dear Chuck,

After having run unsuccessfully for the senate on the pretext of "for the people" you'll have time to immerse yourself in your "marriage for appearance sake." ........

Dear Chuck,

Perhaps a 2nd term as Governor, maybe retaining your political party would have...


It's really SO all about YOU......

Dear Sarah,

I can make a little Yoville critter that looks just like you